You’re able to quickly and easily generate a beautiful and efficient personal or enterprise website utilizing the Cost Free Website Creator, built into the Web Site Control Panel. It doesn’t require any specific HTML or CSS knowledge on your part. You could develop your very own website without having to write a single chunk of backend code. You can make a choice from more than a hundred web–site templates that could be easily personalized via the simple to use web–based editor. Once ready, you’ll be able to launch your site in an instant by just clicking on the publication key. If you ever need instructions, you’ll be able to get in touch with our 24x7 support department, examine the step–by–step articles and/ or watch the free set of educational videos.

A Handy Site Builder

No programming experience is necessary

Using the Site Builder integrated into the Web Site Control Panel, you’ll be able to release your very own website with easy point & click actions. Making use of the in–built editor, you can easily add completely new webpages, control present ones, customize the appearance of your web site, and so on. If you have ever worked with an app or something similar to Word or Excel, then you definitely know how to implement MokhiSoft’s Web–site Builder.

And here is the best part – you don’t have to know how to model and create a site and will not have to work with or learn any HTML, CSS or even PHP. And in case you need assistance, you can check out our detailed help articles and educational videos.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A lot of Web site Layout Templates

We offer more than 1 hundred web templates

MokhiSoft offers over 1 hundred web–site templates with various color options and different layouts. In this way, you could make your website different from the very beginning. You can include more webpages, alter their hierarchy, and so on.

If you no longer enjoy the look and feel of your site, you can easily modify the website theme, the coloring plan and the layout at any time. The entire content will be kept and will be shown on the brand new theme without delay.

Multiple Website Templates

Step–by–step Instructional Videos

Learn how easy it truly is to to produce a site

Our Website Builder includes an array of instructional videos that will lead you from the stage of opening the tool, to modifying your webpages. The video tutorials are made in accordance with the most often asked questions on the Web–site Builder as a way to go over what users really want to understand.

If you would like additional guidance, you may as well consider our in–depth courses or contact the 24x7 support department.

Video Tutorials